Here we introduce the Roller Coaster project team and its members!


----Roller Coaster Project

A manufacturing team formed by students of Oyama Kosen, with six main members, began producing roller coasters in 2020 and has produced and operated roller coasters for three consecutive years since then; the coaster "Eagle" produced in 2022 has carried and operated more than 180 people.

Brief History

----Chronology of Activities to Date----

Jun,2020  "Roller Coaster" is proposed as a class project for the Koryo Festival.
Oct,2020  The first coaster runs at the Koryo Festival 2020.
May,2021  "Roller Coaster Volunteers" project launched as a volunteer project for the Koryo Festival.
Oct,2021  Coaster "Alps" exhibited and unmanned at Koryo Festival 2021
Oct,2022  Coaster "Eagle" is operated by a manned coaster at the Koryo Festival 2022.
Nov,2022  Preservation and subsequent operation of the coaster "Eagle" is decided.
Jan,2023  Appearance on Oyama City's community FM station "Ouraji"


----amusingly friends----

Satoshi Nakamura

Called name Satoshi & Capt.
Post     delegate
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Character  a earnest leader who something missing

Impressions from other members:
The only one in charge of tsukkomi

I participate in this activity because I find it exciting and fun to build things!
I have overcome many seemingly impossible difficulties in the production of the roller coaster with my friends. I think the process of trial and error, the sense of accomplishment after overcoming such difficulties, and the moment when one's image takes shape are the real thrill of building things. I will continue to work hard so that many people can experience this joy!

Shota Kawada

Called name Shota
Post     design captain
Department Department of Architecture
Character  genius-type creator

Impressions from other members:
Tumultuous and messed up, but he tries to do what he says he's going to do.

"Maybe we can do it too?!" That's how we started 3 years ago. I wasn't satisfied and kept making improvements, and before I knew it, it was the third year! Building things is a lot of fun! I would like everyone to experience this fun! I will continue to work with this motto: "Make manufacturing more accessible!"

Toshiki Watanabe

Called name Toshiki & Kaicho(He's the president of the student council. And "the president" in Japanese is "Kaicho."
Post     accountant captain
Department Department of Architecture
Character  caring professionals who maintain the peace

Impressions from other members:
A hard worker and puts everything he has into achieving his goals.

This is a project that I have been involved in for three years. The original idea was conceived after the project was restricted by the coronavirus. In the beginning we said to ourselves, "There is no way we can do this," or "We don't even know what it looks like," but somehow we managed to complete the project, and in the end we were left with a sense of accomplishment. I will continue to do my best with this idea in mind: "Everything starts with a challenge."

Ryoto Muraoka

Called name Muraoka & Garo
Post     welding captain
Department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Character  gentle craftsman

Impressions from other member:
Talk with his back and super concentration handsome man

My motto is "to bring smiles to people's faces through craftsmanship!" When I heard that the coaster at the school festival could not carry people, I thought it was a waste of all the things they had made, so I joined the group! I am going to like to continue to enjoy making coasters and share my passion for building things that bring smiles to many people's faces!

Shuri Tateno

Called name Tateno
Post     electricity captain
Department Department of Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Character  analytical craftsman

Impressions from other members:
Suddenly loses power.

I'll join in too. I came this far with just that light-hearted feeling. Making things is a profound thing, and the enjoyment changes depending on many factors. Making furniture and tools is fine, but if possible I want to create a life of fun.

Aoba Uzuki

Called name Aoba
Post     circular saw captain
Department Department of Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Character  funny VIP

Impressions from other members:
Junior who don't look like juniors and seem to be enjoying life

I want to live my life doing something fun every day! I participated in this coaster production for the simple reason that "it looked like fun."
Then I found it to be a very comfortable place! It's so much fun! We all like making things, so we get along well with each other! I especially get along with Shota!
I'm glad I DM'd him because I thought, "He seems interesting!" I'm glad I got to meet the seniors. I love all the seniors at the Roller Coaster project!
From now on, I'm going to enjoy making things more and try my best to transmit the "joy of making things"!